Dear GLACC Stakeholders,

You have an important opportunity today. Today, you can help our community and our nation achieve a new, clean transportation era – an era in which we are less reliant on oil; a secure and vibrant vehicle future powered by clean, domestic fuel sources. That’s the vision of Greater Lansing Area Clean Cities (GLACC)- and we need your help!

Today I am asking you to make a gift to help us continue growing our local economy by moving away from our dependence on oil to get us around. Your gift helps us develop clean transportation projects in mid-Michigan.

GLACC’s mission sets us apart and meets a need not met by other groups. Since 2003, we’ve been hard at work building collaborative projects that increase clean transportation options so that oil isn’t our only choice to get where we need to go. For example, over the past two years, GLACC has secured nearly $2 million in grants to replace dozens of school buses with fuel-efficient and alternative fuel models, and reduce emissions from nearly 300 diesel vehicles. This year, we’re increasing outreach to fuel stations and drivers to increase availability and use of alternative fuels locally.

Why do we care about reducing oil dependence?  Having options over oil like alternative fuels means:

  • cleaner air through reduced pollution
  • more stable fuel prices through decreased demand on oil
  • less risk of fuel supply interruptions through access to domestic fuels, and
  • a stronger economy because of all of these things

That’s why I am asking for your help today to ensure that we can speed our region’s transformation to a clean, diverse transportation future.

I encourage you to contact me by phone at 517-925-8649 ext. 17 or by email at if you are interested in learning more about our efforts. Please consider making a donation by clicking the link below.

Thank you in advanced for your support!