May 1st marked the first day of Ozone Action Season, when higher levels of ground-level ozone can affect the health of individuals in our community. During Ozone Action Season, May through September, air quality announcements will be made online and through local news organizations.

Ozone naturally occurs in the stratosphere, but at ground-level, ozone is caused by a chemical reaction and can be harmful to the health of many individuals in our community. Children, the elderly, individuals with asthma and other chronic respiratory illnesses, and individuals who are active outdoors are especially susceptible to the harmful effects of ground-level ozone, which can cause the air to feel heavy, making it difficult to breathe.


You can help keep our air clean by making small changes in your daily activities.

Steps to take include:
• Choose an alternative commute, including taking the bus, carpooling, vanpooling, biking and walking
• Wait to fuel your car until after 5 p.m., or when it is cooler in the day
• Don’t top off your gas tank, stop at the click
• Reduce vehicle engine idling
• Combine errands, or trip chain
• Mow your lawn after 5 p.m. , or when it is cooler in the day
• Don’t mow your lawn when an Ozone Action Alert is issued.

Watch for Ozone Action Alerts of Orange or higher. Making changes to your daily activities is especially important during an Ozone Action Alert.

Ozone Action Season Activities

This Ozone Action Season the CATA Clean Commute Options Program will be offering prizes for participation in the daily activities that help keep our air clean. Individuals will be asked to log their participation in the suggested activities on twitter and facebook to be entered to win a variety of prizes including a festival prize package from the Old Town Commercial Association, two seven-day passes for Common Ground Music Festival, among others.