Since late 2011, GLACC has been working as a project implementation partner on the Plug-in Ready Michigan Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Readiness Plan. With four months to completion on this project, this summer we’ll see the completion of the Readiness Plan and activities to promote the plan throughout the state. This plan is one of fifteen that U.S. Department of Energy is funding in order to speed the availability and use of alternative fuel vehicles as a way to reduce petroleum dependence.

The project is administered by Clean Energy Coalition, and is rounded out with a second project implementation partner – NextEnergy, as well as a third key participant – the Michigan Plug-in Electric Vehicle Taskforce, and various municipal governments supporting the project. The purpose of the Readiness Plan is to provide various audiences with knowledge about EVs, about the EV market, and what communities can do to be prepared for increasing demand for EV fueling – or battery charging.

Having gathered input at a series of meetings on factors impacting the growth of the electric vehicle market, project partners have developed a draft Readiness Plan. The draft will be unveiled at a meeting to be held at the NextEnergy Center in late June, at which additional input will be gathered to help finalize the Plan.

GLACC looks forward to continuing to contribute to the Plan as it nears finalization, and to reaching out to communities in mid-Michigan to talk about the Plan. Many mid-Michigan communities, like Lansing, DeWitt, and East Lansing, are already considering how this new transportation technology will impact their operations, residents, and businesses. We hope to use this resource to continue the conversation with these and other communities.