On October 18, GLACC and Lansing Community College hosted Alternative Fuel Vehicle Odyssey Day. The event was a success with students participating from LCC and Michigan State University. Students showcased alternative fuel cars that are powered by electricity, propane and solar energy.

The event also included several educational sessions that discussed efforts related to alternative fuels, petroleum reduction, and how they are being promoted in the greater Lansing area.
• Mitch Miller of Carbon Green Bio Energy discussed the ethanol production process, distribution and their future plans to further reduce their carbon footprint.
The Lansing Board of Water and Light talked about their Plug-In Electric Vehicle Community Project and the benefits of driving an electric vehicle.
• Kristin Jobin of GLACC spoke about eco-driving techniques, tips to improve fuel efficiency, and hypermiling.
Kurt Cobb, author of the book Prelude, spoke about the the concept of peak oil and the differences between reserves and resources.