Here are 10 tips for you to start your own petroleum reduction plan.

1.  Change your driving habits to fuel efficient driving habits

2. Learn how others have successfully deployed alternative fuels, pushed the envelope on fuel economy, and achieved fleet efficiencies

3. Explore alternative fuel options

4. Connect with your local Clean Cities coalition

5. Reduce the amount of time spent idling

6. Look into laws & incentives that can help fund Fuel economy upgrades and transitions to alternative fuels

7. Select a fuel efficient vehicle

8. If you have a flex-fuel vehicle, use ethanol (E85)

9.  Use biodiesel instead of petroleum diesel. Most newer models of diesel vehicles can use biodiesel blends (up B20) without modification

10.  Take advice from Clean Cities Technical Response Service that can provide customized assistance to help you troubleshoot

Click here for more details on these tips from the Alternative Fuel and Vehicle Data Center