As you prepare to remember those members of the armed forces who gave their lives fighting for our nation, consider adding a new tradition to your Memorial Day activities.

In past times of conflict and war, U.S. residents here at home have been asked to conserve key resources to help with the war effort. As we reflect on the sacrifices made by soldiers and their loved ones this Memorial Day, perhaps each of us can add resource conservation to our Memorial Day traditions.

As our readers know, the mission of Clean Cities is to reduce petroleum dependency, in part, because conserving fuel increases our national security. One way to achieve this mission is by using alternative fuels instead of gasoline or diesel. A more diverse fuel supply means it is more difficult to disrupt our fuel supply. A healthy supply of domestically produced alternative fuel makes us less dependent on other places for fuel sourcing.

Maybe the car you drive is equipped to take E85 ethanol fuel, which is a domestically produced fuel. Or, do you drive a hybrid-electric or plug-in electric vehicle that allows you do reduce your gasoline consumption? As you plan your Memorial Day driving, consider filling up with alt fuels if your car has the capability. You can find stations in your area or create a route here.

If you would like to learn more about ways to conserve fuel all year long join us at our events. The next event is on June 17, which will feature propane as a motor fuel (details here).