Did you know that a commercial lawn mower can use as much gasoline or diesel annually as a commercial work truck? Your machine may not operate on the road, but it can be a fuel hog. That’s why it’s important for lawn and landscape companies to use alternative fuels.

Propane is the alt fuel of choice for many lawn care companies. Propane is great for lawn mowers for many of the same reasons we’ve discussed this month for on-road vehicles: there are cost savings to be had, emissions reductions to achieve, and – in areas where mowing is restricted on ozone action days – alternative fuels like propane are allowable alternatives to gasoline or diesel. Bonus: propane doesn’t spoil or clog equipment after seasonal storage.

You can learn more about propane for lawn and landscape equipment through Clean Cities’ primer as well as by attending GLACC’s Jump Start Your Green Fleet with Propane event on June 17 at Michigan State University.