Does it seem to you that Michigan’s green efforts happen under the radar? Why is that – are Michiganders just too humble to toot their own horns? Well, if that’s the case, it’s high time we started cheerleading the great things we’re doing to make our region and our state cleaner and greener every day.


One particular topic is what GLACC has been talking about for the past month – propane vehicles for reducing emissions and decreasing gasoline and diesel dependency. Did you know that there are several mid-Michigan fleets using propane today?


For our part, GLACC has helped Charlotte Public Schools and Genesee Intermediate School District make the switch to propane powered school buses. Other fleets have taken that step on their own, like St. Johns Public Schools and Metro Cars, the Detroit-based limo and shuttle service. There are some great reasons why Michigan fleets are wise to look to propane to diversify their fuel options.


  • Propane, as a by-product of petroleum and natural gas processing, is produced in Michigan. Keeping energy dollars circulating here at home.
  • Michigan’s storage capacity for propane is ample, based on our state’s geologic features. With good planning, propane supply for all uses is secure.
  • Propane vehicles can fill up at over 10 stations in mid-Michigan, or propane companies can bring the fuel to you and fill your vehicles on a schedule.


We’re happy to cheer for the forward-thinking fleet managers and drivers who run their vehicles on propane. Will your organization be the next? If so, we want to hear about it!


Come to Jump Start Your Green Fleet with Propane on June 17 to learn more about how propane can work for you. The event is free and lunch will be provided. Make this year your greenest yet!