Now in its 5th year the 2015 National Drive Electric Week marks the 4th year of participation for greater Lansing. In celebration of NDEW, events across the country throughout the week of September 12 showcased electric vehicles.

GLACC, with the support of staff at the R.E. Olds Transportation Museum, held a “Pop-up EV Auto Show Exhibit” on Sunday, September 20, 2015. This event drew seven plug-in electric vehicles and one solar-powered electric assist bicycle (an Organic Transit ELF). On display were three Chevy Volts, a Nissan Leaf, a Tesla Model S, a Corbin Sparrow, and a BMW i3. Each of these vehicles was brought, displayed, and “ride-and-driven” by its owner. (Photos courtesy of R. Kaiser, RE Olds Museum Archivist.) Attendees also received discounted admission to R.E. Olds Museum, which has in its permanent collection a GM EV-1 and a 1899 Olds electric powered antique car.

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2014 Tesla Model S - Blue
Photo: R. Kaiser