Data needed by March 13, 2020

looking forward to receiving your data this week on clean vehicle, fleet, and travel activities from 2019!  As you know, your response to the annual survey (click to download now) shows our region’s contribution to fuel conservation, emissions reduction, and domestic fuel use.

Your efforts matter:

By sharing your clean fleet activities, you help Clean Cities draw funding for our region to increase alternative fuel availability and reduce costs for new technology. This helps you and other fleets meet sustainability or corporate social responsibility goals.

For 2020, we are reinstating our Clean Fleet Awards and we use the data reporting in this survey to help us select fleets that will be recognized. It’s not about just who is using the highest volume of alternative fuel or driving the most miles on zero emission technology, the awards recognize new-comers and a variety of efforts that fit a broad field of fleet types and needs.

What to do:

Using the Excel spreadsheet download at, enter your data into the tabs that relate to your fleet efficiency, alternative fuel use, vehicle miles traveled, etc. Then, save your file and email the spreadsheet back to us at contact [at] michigancleancities [dot] org. We need your responses by Friday morning, March 13, 2020. As you complete the survey, direct any questions to us at 313.241.6211 or contact [at] michigancleancities [dot] org (phone will get quicker answer).

We’re excited to see how our region has delivered over the past year. Thank you, in advance, for your commitment to this effort!