Greater Lansing Area Clean Cities and Partners Replace School Buses in Tri-County Region

School districts in Michigan have been under budgetary pressure for years, so it takes ingenuity to keep up with operational demands when resources are scarce. Over the past year, Greater Lansing Area Clean Cities (GLACC) has worked with Genesee Intermediate School District, Haslett Public Schools, Mason Public Schools, Waverly Community Schools, and Williamston Community Schools to replace aging school buses with new buses that deliver higher fuel economy and lower emissions.

GLACC Idle Reduction Workshop

Did you know that at roughly $4 per gallon, diesel fuel wasted from idling translates into more than $2 billion annually across the US?Reducing the amount that your fleet idles can make an impact on vehicle wear, your bottom line, public health, and the environment.

GLACC 10th Anniversary and Member Mixer

This September, GLACC will celebrate 10 years of designation in the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program- a milestone that should not go unrecognized!GLACC has played an integral role in enabling the adoption of alternative fuels, advanced vehicle...

Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle and Fueling Infrastructure Workshop

As the cost of petroleum-based fuels continues to rise, fleets across the nation are seeking information on viable alternatives.

According to Natural Gas Vehicles for America, natural gas currently powers more than 112,000 vehicles in the U.S. and more than 13 million vehicles worldwide. It presents several advantages over conventional fuels through its long-term cost effectiveness, more consistent operational costs, increased energy security, and reduced air & noise pollution.